"Welcome to Japan, folks. The local time is . . . tomorrow."
- from 30 Minutes Over Tokyo, The Simpsons, Season 10

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sasori's Challenge

I was trying to figure out the ending to Kitsune, like the little details that make everything tie up neatly, and to help with that, I tried doing a character interview with Sasori. He's the character who basically inserted himself into my main character's background and insisted that the plot of this second draft feature him as the villain/primary antagonist. Instead, he basically said the only way he would tell me what I want to know is if I wrote it. And since I'm kind of working on a deadline, he challenged me to write the last 45,000 words of Kitsune in the next 12-13 days. Lucky me.


76124 / 120000 words. 63% done!

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