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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Biology Fun Follow Up

My husband's a really wonderful geek, especially when it comes to writing science fiction. Whenever I have a problem dealing with futuristic technology, he usually has some modern day equivalent of what I'm looking for.

So when I presented him with my problem of do the women in my galaxy actually get pregnant anymore, he told me about some fancy shower where it will tell you your weight, fat content, and all those other health concerns. And since my book takes place in the far future, you could assume that this fancy shower would also be able to detect the change in hormones for when a woman is pregnant.

Though I think it could be weired to wake up one morning, take a shower, only to have to say, "Oh, by the way, you're four days pregnant. You should consider going to the doctor today or tomorrow."

It could work. But in a way I still like the idea of an all test tube baby society. Though actually, I just realized that wouldn't work for this world, because of this short story I want to write. And I think adding a pregnant woman to a society where the women don't get pregnant would be a lot more shocking social situation than what I initially intended or even want. Though, on the other hand, the added shock of the situation could make the story even better.

And I thought I had finally solved this problem.

All it tells me is that I should let it sit for a while. And that I should write the short story that takes place in this far future before deciding which method of creating new life fits better.

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