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Monday, March 23, 2009

Genres I Write In

I've written in a couple different genres. 

The first novel I wrote was probably historical romance (Running Water). (I didn't think in terms of genre when I wrote it.) The set of novels (two and a quarter books of a trilogy) were modern day science fiction (WhaleSong), with some fantasy thrown into the mix. And that trilogy's prequel (DragonRose) was probably the closest I've come to high fantasy.

I co-wrote a number of comical short stories with one of my friends that were a mix of "real-life" and semi-science fiction. The short stories I wrote for school were mostly animal stories, with one attempt at horror.

But now my writing tends to have some element of the supernatural. Mostly, I write urban fantasy. I consider my main world to be urban fantasy, but some of the stories I'd like to write vary a little. For instance, within the urban fantasy context of the world, I have a story that's historical (The Emerald Dragon), a series and a stand alone that are young adult (No Leaf Clover and Wolf Eyes), biopunk (Psychic series), humorous and/or light (Rosaline DeLiney's series), and futuristic (Butterfly Mask), in addition to straight urban fantasy (Awaken) and possibly horror (Like a Frothing Rabid Dog is Adorable).

I also have an apocalyptic story I'd like to write with angels and demons (Angel Love, Demon Love), a YA high fantasy, and others. 

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